About Me


My name is Dayanna Morales -I am a first generation Mexican-American girl born to immigrant parents from Queretaro, and Colima, MX. I was born and raised in the heart of Orange County, CA but in 2013, I moved to Northern California, more specifically, Hayward, to start life anew. I now reside in Castro Valley, CA and I am happily married to my best friend and have 2 beautiful children: Ysabel and Joaquin.

I’d actually never touched a sewing machine until my first Mother's Day in 2016 when my husband surprised me with one. He knew that I had been fascinated with sewing since I was very little so he thought that now that I had left the corporate world to care for our first born (at the time) full time, it was the perfect opportunity for me to pick up this new hobby!

Immediately after getting my machine I signed up for a sewing class and thought, “shoot, at this slow pace, and for the price of these classes I should just teach myself!”, and I did! I soon learned how to make baby bibs, skirts and very basic cotton booties which is what sparked the idea of selling online.

I tried to find a way to set my creations aside from my competition and it took over a year until I got the idea of creating apparel that represented my culture! That was when my greatest achievement yet, my sarape booties were created! It is a shoe I designed myself and has forever evolved… but it is the staple of my business.

Now that I have the opportunity of staying home with my two children I get to fulfill my passion of creating fun things for them and other children across the country.

My machine is my "me" time- my therapy when my crazy toddlers are acting well, like crazy toddlers and my therapy from all the cleaning and running around I do on a daily basis. I am so blessed and grateful that I am able to stay home with my babies while doing something creative that I absolutely love!



Yes, momma was born again in August of 2017. For about 2 months prior to me rededicating my life to Christ, I suddenly started feeling anxiety, irrational fear and experiencing the absolute presence of death every night to the point where I would become afraid of sleeping at night, thinking I was not going to wake me up, I know this was a call from God because I have a mother who prays earnestly for her 5 children day and night. I had stubbornly and pridefully lived my life and ran my business the way I wanted to thinking I was set… but I was wretched… I was lost in my anger, pride, hatred, resentment, lust for money, my vanity… and so many other things that one day I realized that I didn’t need to live the rest of my life this way, setting this ugly, washed out example to my child and children to come. I let my guard down and went to church one Sunday morning and when I tell you I was knocked out by the Holy Ghost! I have not been the same ever since. If you’re wondering what it feels like to have the Holy Ghost fire in you, its like being a young, innocent child who has no worries for tomorrow. It’s a peaceful feeling, its a feeling of genuine joy and contentment. You can actually hear the birds chirp, plants singing to their Creator, you want to tell strangers that you love theem LOL! Why would I want to go back to the old me? The angry, bitter, and worried me? Do you struggle with something thats crushing your spirit? You too can have this peace if you genuinly call on Him! I now have a prayer request form in my drop down. please feel free to check it out!


My logo represents my children’s Mexican and Irish backgrounds. The crown, heart and hands actually represent the Irish Claddagh and the sarape background represents their Mexican roots. As for my business name, it was inspired by my first born Ysabel, my forever sidekick and best girl who made me a mother… the little girl who inspires me every day to become a better woman, to take risks, and to be FEARLESS